Name Place Animal Thing

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A super fun strategy card game based on the classic favourite game Name – Place – Animal – Thing. Remember playing it on paper?

This version of the classic sends you racing to collect cards with name, place, animal and thing of the same letter faster than your opponents. With special cards and wild cards to use along the way, can you win this battle of nouns and strategy?

Why should you get this?
  • Equally engaging for kids & adults
  • Perfect to play with family & friends
  • Sparks curiosity & enhances vocabulary in kids
  • Nostalgia hits hard for adults
  • Competition gets real (for everyone! 😜)
  • 150 Cards
  • 1 Illustrated Rule Book
  • 1 Portable Box
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In the card game version of Name Place Animal Thing

  • Collect one card each of name, place, animal and thing of the same letter to make one set.
  • Speak out names or places or animals or things on each turn.
  • Steal cards from your opponents and use other powers to turn the game in your favour.
  • Win the game by creating sets faster than your opponents!

Easy to play, fast thinking and competitive – this game will be the perfect addition to your family game nights or get-togethers with friends.

Also a great game for kids to improve vocabulary and develop strategy!

Additional information

Weight 310 g
Dimensions 9.5 × 12 × 13 cm
Age Range


Box Width (cm)




Box Height (cm)


No. of Players

2-7 players

Box Depth (cm)


4 reviews for Name Place Animal Thing

  1. Rohit

    Great quality. Enjoyed playing the game with my family.

  2. Chitra

    Remarkably entertaining. Had a blast playing this with friends. Brings back old memories.

  3. Kekuchina

    Love the concept behind Patang games and this Name Place Animal Thing is such a fun game for everyone. This is the game which brings back wonderful memories for a lot of us, also not to forget how travel friendly the packaging is.

  4. Namrota

    I bought the game because it instantly took me back to school days where we would play the game during classes 😜 but this one was so much fun. It brought the whole family together, especially during lockdown. Now, I can’t wait to play it with my friends 😁. Definitely a must buy for all ages truly.

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