A winter afternoon, the sun shining over the damp potted plants, plates of hot food passed around amongst friendly faces, glasses clinking, sounds of laughter and music and a loud voice saying “dheel de, dheel de”.

Got the warm fuzzies?

Patang (English: Kite) Games was born out of that familiar feeling of getting together with friends and family in a carefree world. A time when game nights didn’t have to be planned like work meetings. When “light chali gayiiii” was commonly heard at home and there was no WiFi or inverters to rely on, the night turned into an impromptu game night with ludo, snakes and ladders, antakshari, quizzes and word games in candlelight. The pre screen era. At the risk of sounding a little like “Humaare zamaane mein aisa hota tha”, over the years we’ve moved on from meeting for coffee to video calls, house parties to virtual parties (BYOB much?). Even gatherings have a constant element of disconnect with conversations floating around between us sitting face-to-face but with our heads down looking at our phones.
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The idea of Patang Games is to break out from that pattern, rediscover some of those lost feelings of togetherness, fun (and harmless competition!) and to really just chill with our family and friends. With everything that 2020 brought along, it has also made us all appreciate the physical presence of fellow beings, away from screens (all thanks to surprise video calls and endless Zoom meetings) – even the serial plan cancellers would agree.

So find a spot at home, on a terrace, a park or a restaurant, gather a few friends/family and pick out one of our games. Simple, a nudge to the brain, and heaps of fun!